Dell means a brand whose products are amazing and innovative.

1) Charging problem of the Dell
The main reason behind charging problem is battery failure.
A quick solution is by taking the battery out and placing it back in. if it is not working then remove the battery again but don’t place it back in. if your notebook runs fine without a battery, then it is fixed that the battery is the problem and replacing it  back one is an answer to fix it.
If the problem can be solved by adjusting the plug, it means that its DC jack is too loose and a trip to a repair shop of the computer is only to replace the broken part correctly.
2) Why it doesn’t turn on
If your laptop suddenly turns off no matter what you did on it then there may be a couple of reasons to it.
a) The most common reason behind this issue is the AC adapter, now you grab a voltmeter and examine the AC adapter. If it works, then an AC adapter is all you need to fix the problem.
b) Another reason is DC jack is broken. If you have an AC adapter but if it cants deliver the electricity to run your computer. Try adjusting the plug’s angle in its jack, if a couple of lights turning on but still can’t completely boot your device, the solution is to replace the DC jack.
c) If it still fails then it means your motherboard is the problem. The solution of this problem is to replace it or buy a new notebook.
Why suddenly shutdown
It’s a common problem after using the laptop for an hour it goes off because of no apparent reason. Sometimes it happens because of over heating. To overcome from this problem is to start dusting everything to get its cooling. Dust may be the reason of overheating.
Blank screen
Sometimes it happens that it doesn’t display anything and a blank screen appears, it happens because of failure of motherboard or memory.
If it’s just a memory failure, and hopefully it is, try first removing all the module. Then, place one module at a time and turn on your device. If one your notebook is working by one from all of them then it means that your memory module is broken you need to change it.
If the reseating the memory and even replacing it still doesn’t work, it means that your motherboard is causing the issue. take your laptop to the nearest service center.